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Reviews Of Work Bitch

This song is amazing.

(We will elaborate later.)

Two hours pass…

So yes, the promised elaboration. As we explained on Twitter earlier, we’ve decided that our review should take the form of a question and answer session with fans, because often there are things fans want to know about big releases like this and they don’t feel that their real questions are answered by a more conventional sort of review.

So here are fifty questions (picked at random, with all the duplicate ones about RuPaul removed) and fifty answers regarding ‘Work Bitch’.

  1. it is the best song of  half 2013?
    We’ll need a few more listens before we can answer that. It is a great single.

  2. When we hear it in a club, will we turn this shit up?
    The turning up of ‘shit’ will not be your responsibility, unless you are a DJ. If you are a DJ yes you probably should turn this shit up. (It sounds loud even if you listen to it quite quietly.)

  3. does the single lives to its BIG BIG BIG expectations?
    Can any Britney single ever meet the ridiculous expectations of ‘the internet’? Probably not, but one thing we’re sure of is that it won’t confirm the worst fears of some Britney fans. (Which is to say, it’s not just some generic trance track with Britney over the top.)

  4. in terms of a “BRITNEY 1ST SINGLE” how you you place it against its predecessors: Womanizer, Gimme More, HIAM, etc
    Well it passes the ‘Finish Listening To It For The First Time And Go “Blimey”‘ test, which is one of the most important tests when it comes to a first single. Britney will probably be wise to follow this with a more traditional ‘songy’ sort of song, but ‘Work Bitch’ is a good impact tune.

  1. whats the opening line??
    The opening is instrumental…

  2. what sound is it?!?!
    It recalls the attitude of ‘Blackout’, but in a song crafted for a post-EDM pop landscape. This record wouldn’t sound like it does if EDM hadn’t happened, but at the same time it’s a Britney track first and foremost. The most exciting bit is the middle eight which goes all epic and spacey with some proper hands-in-the-lasers lyrics.

  3. Blackout 2.0???
    It doesn’t sound like it, but the lyrical theme (basically ‘if you want what I’ve got, you’ve got to work’) has the right attitude for a ‘Blackout 2.0′ sort of album. One feels as though the first ‘Blackout’ was a bit of an “I’m back and I’m amazing” statement and whatever this next album is should, perhaps, be more of an “I’m still here, I’m the best and here is the benefit of my wisdom” sort of affair. Basically, it should be a “yes I’m 31, what of it” sort of album, rather than “I’m pretending to be 21″.

  4. The new single from Britney has vocals?
    It is correct that this song is not an instrumental.

  5. is WorkBitch different from the Femme Fatale sound?

  6. is #WorkBitch radio friendly?

  7. what makes this single different than the other lead singles that Britney has released in the past?
    It is not released in the past.

  8. how much of it is auto tuned?
    It doesn’t sound like has hit her round the head with a ZX Spectrum if that’s what you’re asking.

  9. Is it a personal song?
    That might be pushing it to be honest.

  10. is it better than Hold It Against Me as a first single?
    It’s hard to say, they’re quite different. Isn’t this the sort of question you can only really answer with hindsight?

  11. how long is the song ???
    Just over four minutes.

  12. Why isn’t it 10/10? What do you feel is missing from the track that would make it 10?
    It would have been good if the amazing middle eight had sort of crashed back into the song in the final moments.

  13. is a good advice for gaga stop her carreir after work bitch?
    That would be a bit silly wouldn’t it.

  14. Expose that pig
    Don’t know what this means.

  15. how many times does she say bitch?
    Quite a few.

  16. is it more of a grower or an instant-fave?
    Hard to say after a couple of listens. It works as an instant song though.

  17. can you give us a small teaser of some lyrics? something minor?

  18. what PART of “Supermodel” is sampled in the song??
    Can’t hear any of that in it, was this ever confirmed?

  19. I heard it was compared to Vogue, does she ‘rap’ on it?
    There are a few different vocal styles in the song, none of which sound anything like ‘Vogue’.

  20. Are the lyrics repetitive?
    The lyrics are precisely as repetitive as you want them to be.

  21. is it a promo for the Las Vegas residency or the first single from her upcoming 8th studio album?
    The single sleeve looks a bit “here’s an artist about to have some Vegaslolz” doesn’t it? Mind you, can’t it be both?

  22. Britney co-wrote the song, so does the lyrics somehow reflect her personal life?
    Not really.

  23. How banal are the lyrics? I know cowrote/produced the single so I’m prepared for the worst.
    They’re quite funny. We think they’re supposed to be quite bombastic and fun. (There is no mention of “the club”.)

  24. does the song sound futuristic?
    Yes but only by three days, so it will sound perfectly current when it debuts on Monday.

  25. what the best single’s moment?
    Probably the “guv-uh-nuh” bit.

  26. Do you feel @britneyspears more confident behind this single ?
    She should be pretty happy with it.

  27. describe it in Just three words.
    Guv. Uh. Nuh.

  28. Do you think Will was the right choice in producing the first single?

  29. Do you think the song will elevate Britney’s career to new heights of greatness?
    It will do more in that respect than ‘Ooh La La’ did.

  30. is there a dubstep bridge?

  31. Is it stronger than Hold It Against Me?
    It is different.

  32. Why not 10/10 if you rated Shittplause a 9? We don’t trust you.
    Don’t know of a song called ‘Shittplause’, sorry.

  33. Are the iconic words in the song
    “It’s Britney bitch?” Sadly no.

  34. are there flugelhorns or no flugelhorns

  35. is the song a message to all haters about her ability to dance?

  36. what are the lyrics about ? Sex, clubbing or something new ?
    It almost feels like a message to would-be popstars: “this is bloody hard work you know”.

  37. Have you seen the video?

  38. does she sound any different from femme fatale?
    There are some new vocal things going on.

  39. Will the song make you manic?

  40. Where did you listened to it?
    In a room about 33 floors above London, which is the capital city of England.

  41. can you workout to it??
    Yes but you could probably have a nice game of chess while it was on in the background.

  42. what’s best? #workbitch #applause or #roar?
    They’re three completely different songs by three completely different artists trying to do three completely different things.

  43. Will her critics like the single?
    Do you know what, at this stage, does it really matter?

  44. on a scale of mmm papi to big fat bass, how much of a guilty pleasure is Britney’s new song?
    No guilty pleasures where Britney’s concerned.

  45. would it be motivational/beneficial to listen to on my commute to work in the morning?

  46. WTF why is taking so long the Work Bitch review? fans need it asap bc Perez review was underwhelming
    Well we needed to get back to our desk and do some copying and pasting didn’t we. Perez’s point about it being a successor to ‘Scream & Shout’ was interesting, it doesn’t really sound anything like ‘Scream & Shout’ but they probably work well as ‘companion pieces’. The main thing we’d disagree with in his review was the suggestion that the vocals don’t really matter because actually she seems to have having quite a bit of fun with her voice on this track. Or maybe Will’s just poking her in the right direction, production-wise. But there you go.

Anyway the song’s airing on Monday so you can hear the full thing then. It’ll be good to get to know the song a bit better once it’s ‘out there’, but it sounds great after a few listens.

Queen shopping
Miley Talks Britney
When quizzed by Alan on tonight's Channel 4 show miley said "Well, we’ve been trying to work together and I felt like there had to be that right time, and after Can’t Stop came out, she had called and said how much she loved the song."
"At first she heard the song and she didn’t know it was me, and then she watched the video and just sort of fell in love with the video," the blonde continued, adding: "I think it kind of reminded her of what she did when she was 20 and the feeling of kind of wanting to free yourself and represent so many girls, and so it was cool to be able to get her on the song, because I don’t think there’s any pop idol that I care about more than I care about Britney, because that was the first CD I ever bought."

    She then continued to say that she's always been a huge fan of the Slave 4 U megastar, realising that her fans also look to her in a similar way: "What many girls think of me, that’s how I think of Britney, so it was cool […] I feel like there’s so much her and I connect on, and I had to have her, so it was so cool it’s a fast one – it’s got to be!"

    And although you may think that the Last Song star may have completed majority of the things on her 'to do' list, it seems like a Britney collaboration has always been a dream of hers: "It’s Britney b***h. She’s got one of those voices, that as soon as it comes on everyone in the world knows it’s Britney Spears, and that’s what I wanted – it was less about her coming in and singing and it was more about her kind of, I wanted her to get in there and really be able to hear her tone, because I feel like it’s just one of those iconic voices that, even her speaking voice is just so iconic. It’s really cool I’m excited

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