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"Beyonce's bob is outdated"; says celeb hairstylist, Adam Reed

Celebrity hair stylist, international trendsetter and one half of Percy & Reed, Wella Style Ambassador Adam Reed reveals the hair shapes and styles to try this autumn/winter 2013

One of the world’s leading hairstylists, Adam Reed knows all there is to know about tress trends. Here he reveals to Cosmo why Beyonce’s bob seems dated, that the 'midi' length is trending and what the easiest up-do is to try this season. Follow Adam’s winter 2013 hair rules and you’ll be bang up to date.
Follow Adam’s winter 2013 hair rules and you’ll be bang up to date.

What are the biggest haircut trends this autumn/winter 2013?


Michelle Williams in the Louis Vuitton ads (pictured)! It is soft and feminine and on the longer side of short without being a bob, although there is nothing wrong with a bob if you keep it soft - think Karlie Kloss (pictured below left). Add colour to define and add texture, adding a soft invisible gradient. A great product for mainlining colour is Wella’s Color Recharge conditioners available in 6 shades (£11.85).

Will Beyonce’s new ‘lob spark more bob cuts?

I am afraid that, although I think that it suits Beyonce, that type of long bob is a bit dated. To keep it up to date you will need to look at Karlie Kloss (pictured) for inspiration, soft, shattered and face framing. A great styling product for the ‘lob’ is the SP Light Oil Spray which will add shine and luminosity to the hair (£18.50).

Do you think we’re going to see more super-short cuts?

I think that we will be going for more of a middle-length, moving away from short-short or the bob length, go for the soft textured midi.


What’s the coolest way to wear your parting this season?

Any which way, I am seeing a trend for a little bit of lift and slightly swept back, although I am not too sure that will transfer onto the high street.

How are fringes looking now? Should we go blunt, soft, short, sweeping..?

If you are going to wear a fringe this season I would recommend a heavier base line with soft texturising, think Edie Sedgwick crossed with Brigitte Bardot.

If we could DIY one up-do this season, what would you recommend we try?

It is all about the simple textured ponytail. Build loads of texture into the hair using Sebastian Texture Maker (£20.50) and pull back into the nape and secure with a snag free band an inch above the hairline, do not cover the band it is important to keep it looking raw.

Which celeb is one-to-watch for cool hairstyle inspiration?

Michelle Williams in the Louise Vuitton ads all the way - everything about this look is perfect; the length, the texture, the colour. Without a doubt the look of the season.

We’ve seen both BIG curly hair and very straight and sleek styles on the catwalks, what look would you recommend trying this season?

This season it is all about straight, smooth glossy hair for me. (See model at Jonathan Saunders, London fashion Week AW13) Not flat. It's important to maintain a little volume and movement. Using the new SP Luxe oil range will help create a smooth glossy finish effortlessly.


Hair post?? Dealing with new growth is a bitch. But I still don't feel like relaxing till January....

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