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Cate Blanchett covers AnOther AW 13/14

Cate said: “I have this thing on film where I do die quite a lot. And I suddenly realised, I was always dying on my birthday."

“I played an Irish journalist, Veronica Guerin, in a film that about two and a half people saw — usually two to three people see the films that I make — and I was sitting on a highway doing this scene where she got shot and it was my birthday. Then I got beaten up in another experience on film the next year on my birthday. And later I made a film with David Fincher called The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and I died then too, on my birthday, on a hospital bed — and that was a relief.”

Blanchett, about to appear in Woody Allen’s new comedy drama Blue Jasmine, would like to double the size of her brood to six, despite her home life being “chaos”. She and her playwright husband Andrew Upton have three sons — Dashiell, 11, Roman, nine, and five-year-old Ignatius. She said: “I’d have three more. It’s the chaos of it. I love it. I am so unhappy being away from them. They are so funny and wicked.”

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I need to see Blue Jasmine!
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