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Paulina Rubio Promises ‘Spiciness' For The X-Factor

The Mexican singer will officially crossover to the American market on Wednesday night, with the premiere of Fox's competition show, but the star isn’t planning to change a thing. During a recent press call, Rubio said she felt fortunate to represent Latinos on the show and was excited to surprise this new audience with her outspoken and energetic personality.

“When Simon [Cowell] first approached me, I was so excited. I was surprised in the beginning and then I was really, really excited,” the star told reporters. “Of course it’s one of the biggest opportunities right now in my career. And I’m just so excited to see how everybody is embracing the news.”

The 42-year-old star has been the reigning “Queen of Latino Pop” for over 25 years and she thinks her lengthy career coupled with her fierce attitude is what will surprise “X Factor” fans the most.

“They will be surprised that I have been in the music industry for so long... that I’m outspoken and I’m not intimidated by anything, that I am very loyal to my feelings and who I am,” Rubio said during the press call.

The Fox reality show won’t be the Mexican singer’s first time in a judge’s chair. The star has been a coach in “La Voz Mexico” and “La Voz Kids” -- both Spanish-language versions of “The Voice” -- and has learned valuable lessons from those experiences.

“The hardest thing is just to talk with your heart and tell them when they don’t have the talent,” Rubio said. “But they are coming for professional advice so I decided to be constructive and positive. I always say the positive first, then the negative.”

Rubio also spoke about the “love” and respect she has for her fellow X-Factor judge and new friend Demi Lovato. Yet it was Simon Cowell, the show’s creator and most infamous face, that took the Mexican star by surprise.

“Like everybody else, I saw him on different shows but I was not a fan,” Rubio told reporters. “I think I’m a fan right now because he is so straight to the point [and] we have a similar humor, very sarcastic and I just really like his point of view. He’s rude sometimes or straight [to the point] but that’s why everybody likes him.”

During the interview, Rubio also revealed she is recording a new album that will have both English and Spanish tracks. But while the project is in the works, the pop superstar is simply excited to be representing Latinos on the “The X-Factor.”

“I’m very honored to represent my people with joy, a lot of happiness and spiciness,” Rubio told HuffPost.

"The X Factor" Season 3 returns with a two-night premiere on Wed., Sept. 11 and Thurs., Sept. 12 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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