Take Fierce Style Points From Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston lends himself to a kind of gothic coolness. He plays rather "gothic" characters in both his latest movies: Thor: The Dark World (in which he reprises his role as the pale-faced, leather-wearing Loki) and Only Lovers Left Alive (in which he portrays a mournful vampire called Adam). Used to playing the part of villain and vampire, Hiddleston will continue this gothic vein with an upcoming role in a Guillermo del Toro ghost story. Acting aside, Hiddleston is one of Britain's most fashionable young men and a notable wearer of the three-piece suit. At Cannes this year, he appeared with Tilda Swinton and Jim Jarmusch to debut Jarmusch's "crypto-vampire" movie in a bright blue Alexander McQueen three-piece and an open-collared white shirt. The way he posed for the crowds of paparazzi in his stunning blue suit, he might as well have electrified the very air he moved through! How to make one's garments stand out on the red carpet next to Tilda Swinton? Wear an electric blue three-piece like the one below...

Hiddleston's other major work recently is that PBS advert in which he teases Cookie Monster with a plate of cookies in order to teach him self-control. Adorable to say the least, his suave British accent is only one reason to watch it; another is the look on the young man's face when the muppet's furious cookie-scoffing causes crumbs to explode on his fine black suit.

Hiddleston gave us another great look recently in some back-stage photos from the Toronto International Film Festival. He wore a classy navy three-piece with a four-buttoned vest, the bottom button left undone as tradition dictates. Paired with an unusually shaped gray tie, Hiddleston proved once more his ability to blend class and innovation. Go see one of his movies and prepare to fall in love with his icy cool style.

Cannot decide whether this life-ruining bastard looks good with clothes on or off...

But what say you, ONTD Hiddlestoners?