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X Factor USA premiere audition videos

The U.S. X Factor has never been good, but tonight's relatively benign hour-long premiere suggested season 3 might not be terrible.

Sure, we haven't put out a Leona Lewis or a One Direction, but our X Factor doesn't have to suck, right? New judges, yo! Simon Cowell grimacing and barking at contestants "Do you work?" before leaning back in his self-satisfied bubble of nonchalance! Demi Lovato is still there! This can work, this time. Maybe. There's a chance.

Meet Destiny's Child member and Grammy-winning solo artist Kelly Rowland and Mexican pop princess/fingerless glove enthusiast Paulina Rubio -- two energetic sentient creatures who have thrillingly replaced season 2's judge-robots, L.A. Reid and Britney Spears. We didn't see too many antics from them tonight -- but the new ladies, along with seasoned veteran Demi Lovato, looked awake, alert, and ready to work for their massive paychecks. It's a huge improvement already.

The ones that went through:

Carlito Olivero

Lillie McCloud

Alex & Sierra

Rion Paige

Sally Hessnice

Source / Youtube
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