Pink Comes for Britney + Britney tweets about Miley and Werk Bitch MV!

Pink talked about Britney on the latest issue of Women's Health

"“I’m not taking anything away from Britney because I really like her a lot, but I would never go to a show where the person was lip-synching. When you grow up listening to Janis Joplin, you’re not going to want to see somebody mime. I’ve always said I like Britney. I swear to God, I’ve stuck up for Britney since the beginning. She and I have talked about it. My point was, ‘Stop comparing me to her, because we’re different animals.’”

Britney also confirmed the Miley collaboration tweeting:

Now It's Britney AND Miley bitch! #TheyreNotReady for this @MileyCyrus... ;) #SMSbangerz

The music video for Werk Bitch has also been completed!


Britney had this to say about the music video

EPIC EPIC 3 days shooting #WorkBitch in the desert with Ben Mor. Thanks for braving the heat with me. #NextLevelVideo :)

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I love Brit but she did not lie! There's absolutely no reason whatsoever for Britney to be lip-syncing in this stage of her career. I wonder why she does it so much nowadays since shes not doing amazingly complicated dance routines like she used to. From what I've gathered tho shes usually singing along with the track but her mic is really low. Case and point:

4:10-4:20 for the live vocals