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Lena Dunham's naughty college pic

Lena Dunham Shares Email & Sexy Photo From Her 21-Year-Old Self


Rare is the email that improves with age. But this missive sent from Lena Dunham in 2007 stands up pretty well, especially considering that she was all of 21, a time when most of my emails contained attachments for late papers and lacked the slightest whiff of self-awareness.

Dunham's email is part of an ongoing art exhibit put together by Miranda July titled We Think Alone. Every week, emails sent by 10 prominent artists/actors/thinkers/doers/etc. are arranged around a theme, and then sent out to a list that anyone can join. All of the emails were written prior to the project.

The emails humanize these Important People (surprise: most emails are not Important!) and say Interesting Things about the mistaken ephemerality and intimacy of this medium and oh yeah, we get to read private emails.

This week's theme: "An email that includes a picture of yourself." Dunham's email stands out from the rest in that the picture is not the point of the transmission, but an afterthought appended to a brief, if detailed snapshot of her day.

It's got everything a recipient might want: a playful, once-off moniker; sex; plenty of superficial questions deployed rhetorically so as to genuinely signal interest ("how was your birthday daytime? "is that the kind of stuff i shouldn't say?") and bigger questions that demand a reply ("was it a heavy birthday or a light one?"). It wraps up with a maxim about compliments that strikes me as true, and of course, the picture.

You can read the emails at the source

ONTD: share your selfies :)

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