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Josh Hutcherson's exclusive Esquire Life of Man photo + has mind blown from 'Cougar Wives' tv show

To commemorate Esquire's 80th anniversary, we are a creating a living portrait of the American man right now. Exclusive photos and video of 80 accomplished, extraordinary men, one born in each year of Esquire's history. Young. Old. Rich. Poor. Presidents. Movie legends. Rock stars. Space babies.

Plus: an interactive gallery of American men of all ages. Submit a photo of yourself and become a permanent part of The Life of Man. For every submission, or every portrait submitted, we'll donate $1 to United Way and help support the next generation of extraordinary Americans!

Josh Hutcherson
Born 1992
Actor, The Hunger Games

Best advice he’s gotten: “It came through somebody else from Tom Hanks: ‘Fame doesn’t change you; it just magnifies whoever you are.’ And through my many years of experience, I have definitely seen that. Great people become even more great; people who are bad become even worse.”

Most looking forward to: “Having a family.”

OP: my womb is ready 4 u, Josh

Catching Fire's Josh Hutcherson has a new fascination and it's with Extreme Cougar Wives. There's something about extremely older women lusting after much younger men that fascinates many.

Hutcherson hasn't been on reported on much lately. And, he doesn't tweet on Twitter much but when he does, it's always entertaining. His latest tweet was about TLC's latest phenomenon.

The show follows the lives of several older women and their much younger lovers. These aren't just nice and normal couples though, of course not, these are people on the fringe of normalcy. It's not just their age differences that make them extreme couples, it's also their extreme personalities.

Now, it's up to his fans and followers to check this wacky show out. Josh Hutcherson is a very interesting actor and person and you have to admit, The Hunger Games is better thanks to him.

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