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Benedict Cumberbatch says his sex symbol status is 'alien' to him

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His rising fame has led to him being mobbed at airports, outside stage doors and more recently at the Toronto Film Festival and Benedict Cumberbatch admits it’s all getting a bit much for him.

The shy 37-year-old is struggling with his international recognition from his role in the film Star Trek: Into Darkness.

“It is all a bit overwhelming,” says Sherlock star Benedict. “It’s flattering to get that kind of response and those compliments but it’s certainly something I never anticipated.

“I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and that people seem to have enjoyed what I’ve done but all this talk of being a sex symbol or a star is very alien to me.”

In July Benedict addressed a crowd of fans waiting for him in Tokyo as part of his press tour for Star Trek.

He said politely: “I just want to say to all of you – I’m sorry I can’t come round and meet you all individually, I know how long some of you have waited and I’m very touched. At home, my mum and dad don’t even come and see me at the airport so to have all of you here is amazing.”

But despite struggling with the attention Benedict knows he will lose out on roles due to better looking Hollywood stars.

“I have wanted to play roles that have gone to much better looking people than me and you think: ‘Oh well, that’s the pin-up guy’s part…’ for an actor like my friend James McAvoy, who’s gorgeous on screen,” he said earlier this year.

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