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First Clip of Daniel Radcliffe in 'Horns'

Following its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday, the first clip from the supernatural thriller Horns, starring Dan Radcliffe, has been released.

In Horns, Dan Radcliffe’s character Ig is caught up in accusations of killing his girlfriend, and following the murder he begins growing a pair of horns. Despite making people do a double-take at his appearance, the pointy things growing out of his head come along with the ability to make people tell the truth.

Although this first Horns clip is short and won’t blow anyone anyway in terms of storyline, the most noticeable aspect is Radcliffe’s American accent. It’s such an American accent that, without the video, it would be impossible to guess the words were coming out of Radcliffe’s mouth.

Watch below:

One could argue that the voice isn’t Radcliffe’s at all – it could’ve been a different actor who was tasked with doing voice overs. However, no reports have suggested that this is someone else’s voice. As Radcliffe continues to promote the film, hopefully someone will ask him how he pulled it off.

Reviews of Horns at TIFF have been very positive, but as of right now a distributor hasn’t purchased the film. With it slowly making its way into the theaters of critics and potential buyers, it shouldn’t be too long until someone picks up the story and sets a release date.

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I don't remember his American accent being this strong in How to Succeed!
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