Apology Letter From A Teenage James Franco Resurfaces

Michael Phillips Moskowitz, the CEO of the men's shopping site Bureau of Trade, says that during a recent move at his parents' Palo Alto home, he unearthed a binder containing an apology letter from a young Franco, expressing his most heartfelt regret for egging the Moskowitz family's house.

The facts: On a sunny day in 1992 in Palo Alto, California, Ted Franco, the 14-year-old boy who would later change his name to James and go on to star on daytime soap opera General Hospital as a serial killer named “Franco,” egged a home. The vandalized home belonged (and still belongs) to the parents of BUREAU founder Michael Phillips Moskowitz. The letter that young Ted wrote after he was caught has recently resurfaced. It is truly a heartfelt, genuine expression of how sorry young James Franco was that he got caught. That is all. “I hope we can just forget all this and put it behind us,” he writes. Well, James, the egg doesn’t come out easily. And now, in the smallest possible way, it’s on your face too.

Dear Dr. Moskowitz,

First of all I will apologize once again for destroying your personal property. I did it out of carelessness not thinking that feelings might be hurt. And valuable time and money wasted. It will never enter my mind to do something like this ever again.

Thank you for being so gracious about this whole matter, and not having the police involved. It was very considerate of you, to do this for us after we were discourteous to you.

I am truly sorry. I hope we can just forget all this and put it behind us. I have learned my lesson.

Thank you,
Ted Franco

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