CoverGirl Teams Up with NFL on ‘Fanicure’ Nail Polish Sets

Peanut Butter and jelly. David and Victoria. The scratchy part of velcro and the soft part of velcro. Nail art and… football? We can dig it.

Well, now it’s easier than ever to support your favorite NFL team via nail art: Just in time for football season–which kicks off Thursday night in Denver (though we’re sure you’ve had your phone alarm set since the Super Bowl, right?), CoverGirl, the newly-anointed “official beauty sponsor of the NFL,” will be offering up custom-curated bundles of the brand’s Nail Gloss polish based on your favorite team’s logo.

The collab comes as the latest in a recent string of attempts made by the NFL to appeal to the largely untapped market of fashion-and-football-loving fangirls–remember that Marchesa collab?

Available at starting tomorrow, each of CoverGirl’s 32 “fanicure” (ha! Ha-ha!) sets will include two to five nail polishes–depending on the team’s amount of colors–and will cost the standard $5.49 per bottle. And for those of you who need a little nudge in the creativity department, CoverGirl is posting step-by-step tutorials. So whether you’re supporting Tom Brady or one of the other guys (sorry, Boston girl here!) your nails can accurately represent.

Just go easy diving into that plate of cheesy nachos come game day–you wouldn’t want to chip a nail.