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Top Celebrity Pets

Due to the current recession, Americans with new pets have declined in the past few years. In 2012, the percentage of households with at least one pet decreased 2.4 percent, according to USA Today. It’s no surprise that with the economy in decline, people are less willing to shell out the $1,650 per year of vet bills, food, etc that it takes to care for a dog and $1,270 a year for a cat according to American Pet Products.

Of course, celebrities are the exception to the rule. With their hefty incomes from movies, television, and music, they can afford to care for as many Fidos and Fluffies as they want. As it becomes less practical for us to enjoy pets for ourselves, at least we can see the abundant adorableness of celebrities’ furry friends as they share pics on their Facebooks, Twitters, and Instagrams! We count down the top ten celebrity pets of today.

9) Steven Tyler’s raccoon
Yes, it is legal to have a pet raccoon, and no, they don’t all have rabies. Domesticated raccoons are as friendly as dogs and can be litter box trained like a cat. The best of both worlds? Steven Tyler certainly thinks so. He goes fishing with his raccoon perched on his shoulder every day. Check out this clip from Letterman, where Tyler talks about his unique pet as the video reaches 1:28.

7) Katy Perry’s cat
Katy Perry’s cat is famously named Kitty Purry. As well as being a pet, Kitty Purry is also considered Perry’s mascot, as she was featured in Perry’s music videos and live on stage as a giant blow-up cat. Perry recently posted a picture of the famous feline on her Instagram.

4) Cee Lo Green’s cat
Cee Lo Green loves his cat Purrfect so much that he has his own Twitter account (@PurrfectTheCat). Purrfect saved this picture of him and his dad, which was originally tweeted by Cherry Cheva.

3) Tori Spelling’s chicken
Tori Spelling has a fluffy white feathered friend named Coco Chanel. In this Instagram post, the chicken poses poolside in a patriotic fourth of July shot.

1) David Beckham’s pigs
David Beckham’s micro pigs were a Christmas gift from his wife in 2009. Beckham named the two pigs Elton John and David Furnish. Micro pigs grow to be only 14 inches tall. So cute!

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Pet post! ONTD show me your pets (or those you desire)!

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