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Lady Gaga Talks ARTPOP With Fans at GMA

**Trigger Warning**: YAAASSSSS

For those who understandably can't handle the yasssing:

- She wants to create a contest to reveal the next single and video and the vote is between MANiCURE and Sex Dreams
- her image this era is inspired from previous looks (obv) and she is trying to blend them together
- her album cover is a photograph of a collage and sculpture that Jeff Koons has made of her and it is "the best thing that has ever happened" to her.

This is thanks to ohitsryan who attended the show.

1. Shes thinking about doing an outdoor festival type tour for ARTPOP. It would be an all day type thing with lots of exhibits, and artists and musicians. Probably during the summer.

2. She said the songs she played at the iTunes festival are VERY different from the polished studio versions. Espically MANiCURE, which she said sounds nothing like the iTunes festival version.

3. I think she said Sex Dreams or MANiCURE would be the next single, but she wants the fans to vote for it. She said she wants to record the videos for both at the same time then have the fans vote for which one they'd like to see via the APP.

4. As for Azealia, she pretty much said she didn't know a whole lot about her at the time but really liked 1991 and thought she was talented. So she reached out to her team, sent them a song, and asked her to do a verse for it. It was never a for sure thing that she would be on ARTPOP, but Azealia pretty much told everyone/the internet that she already on it before anything had happned. I guess Azealia sent her some cheap sounding verse via soundcloud and never actually went into the studio to do a legit one. So pretty much because of that she told Azealia that they wouldn't be using her on ARTPOP and she has been bitter about it. She also went on to say that she was disappointed to see what a sour attitude she seems to have.


And for those who missed her performance and interview this morning:


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