35 Hottest Movie/TV Teachers

School bells are ringing again; don't hate (all) movie/TV educators because they're beautiful...

Ezra Fitz, Pretty Little Liars


An F for his morals but an A for, well, everything else we see.

Elizabeth Halsey
, Bad Teacher

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No noble educator here. Cameron Diaz's middle school teacher is a heartless, coarsely self-centered, and manipulative schemer. But she looks so good while she does it.

Phil, The Hangover

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Well, we can only judge by how he shepherds his hungover friends around, but Phil seems like an excellent (to look at) caretaker.

Glee, Matthew Morrison

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He's got an awesome sweater vest collection and hair to die for, but it's really his commitment to his students that has us hooked.

Daniel Faraday, Lost

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While trying to save his friends, this spacey physicist packed a whole lot of emotion and angst into just a few longing looks, especially when directed at his very own red-haired girl.

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