Ariana Grande reveals Madonna obsession .... AND picks NSYNC vs. ONE DIRECTION!!!

Ariana Grande is about to have a number one album .... AND she has great taste!!! Check out a fun Q & A from "Saturday Night Online" ....and P.S. ... SHE is a HUGE Madonna fan!!!!!

*What song off of "Yours Truly" is your favorite?
- Honeymoon Avenue
*Are you working with Demi Lovato?
-It hasn't happened yet, but we've been texting and have some ideas
*Who is your Hollywood Hunk Crush?
-Steve Carell, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill. The funny ones.
*What were your first words after being number 1?
-I probably can't say it here
*What is your favorite movie?
- 13 going on 30, Sex and City, Roman Holiday, Bruce Almighty
* Who do you want to do a duet with?
-Frank Sinatra & Frank Ocean
* Best concert?
- Madonna, it was a religious experience
*One Direction or N'SYNC?
-Are you trying to get me killed?? One Direction
*What pop star would you trade lives with for a day?
- Madonna

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