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Breaking Bad: To’hajiilee

Only 3 more episodes left until Breaking Bad ENDS.


We’re now at the halfway point in the final eight episodes, and this Sunday’s Breaking Bad season 6, episode 5/season 5, episode 13 should be another action-packed script.

In this past Sunday’s Breaking Bad, we watched as Walt looked like he wanted to genuinely meet Jesse in person to speak. However, when Jesse arrived he saw a sketchy looking guy nearby Walt who he assumed was there to take him out. Jesse backed out of his plan with Hank, who wanted the meth head to meet his brother-in-law so they could record some sort of confession.

Following the bail, we saw Walt and Jesse decided to go after one another to the death. The cook put the call in to Todd’s uncle that he needs a job done, while Jesse threatened his former teacher on the phone.

The synopsis for this Sunday’s Breaking Bad season 6, episode 5 reads cryptically: “Things heat up for Walt in unexpected ways.” The lack of a description suggests big things coming this episode.

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I have NOT read or done anything to spoil myself for this show, so at this point I HAVE NO IDEA HOW ANYTHING IS GOING TO GO DOWN. They love parallels. But they also know that we know they love parallels and I just.. IDK U GUIZE!
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