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Ricky Gervais Not Making David Brent Movie


Ricky Gervais is denying reports that he plans to make a movie based on David Brent, his character from the original Office series.

“I not trying to [make a David Brent film],” the British bete noir tells Canada.com in a recent interview. “I might do.”

Gervais’ comments come in response to reports which appeared after a Hollywood Reporter cover story claimed he was planning “a movie about Brent trying to make it in the music industry.” But the 52-year-old says his intentions were misunderstood and he was speaking hypothetically.

“I think because I can get things commissioned if I drop an idea in everyone’s mind it’s coming out next year,” he laughed.

Perhaps Gervais’ most popular character, Wernham Hogg Paper Company middle manager David Brent debuted in July 2001 on British channel BBC2 as the protagonist in the mockumentary series The Office — which was also created and co-written by the comic.

Gervais stopped making The Office after two seasons, but would occasionally appear as Brent on the popular American version of The Office before resurrecting him last May with the YouTube series Learn Guitar With David Brent.

“I brought him back briefly,” Gervais explained. “I’m having fun with the character. At the moment he’s doing a series on YouTube because I launched YouTube channel. I thought that was perfect because ten years on that’s exactly what he’d be doing.

“He discovered the fact that he could broadcast himself. And he buys into this new culture that a 52 year old rep in a suit can be famous for a while with X Factor and America’s Got Talent and all these terrible reality shows and it’s given him his new hope.”

As for Brent’s future, Gervais, whose new series Derek debuts Sept. 12 on Netflix, has confirmed that live concerts are in the works, but nothing beyond that is in stone.

“It might be a series, it might be a film, I might do a one off,” he said.


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