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Possible Director For Sony's The 5th Wave?


The search for a director for the film adaptation of Rick Yancey's popular young adult book, The 5th Wave, may have just ended.

J Blakeson is in talks to direct the sci-fi flick about a girl searching for her brother following an alien invasion. Fans of this book have drawn parallels between it and other famous young adult books like The Hunger Games and Twilight.

Blakeson currently has a 2009 cult favorite in The Disappearance of Alice Creed under his belt. He was also listed as one of Variety's 10 directors to watch in 2010.

Although the film has yet to be cast, it already has big names behind it. Susannah Grant, who wrote the screenplay for Erin Brokovich, is penning this screenplay. Meanwhile, GK Films (Argo, World War Z) and Tobey Maguire's Material Pictures are producing the film.

And like The Hunger Games and Twilight series, should The 5th Wave series (a planned triology) make any sort of bank at the box office, you can certainly expect to see a sequel... or two... or three...

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