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Third porn actor tests positive for HIV; industry faces indefinite shutdown

Follow up to this

The U.S. porn industry may shut down for the second time in a month after a third actor reportedly tested positive for HIV this week.

The identity of the actor has not been released. The positive test was confirmed by a doctor at a health facility used by the porn industry, an industry trade group said.

Joanne Cachapero, membership director of the trade group, the Free Speech Coalition, said the group didn't know whether the infected actor contracted the virus during a shoot.

"While we don't have evidence to suggest an on-set transmission as opposed to a transmission from non-industry (off-camera) related activity, we are taking every measure to determine the source and to protect the performer pool," Cachapero said in a statement to Reuters.

The group quickly called for another moratorium on porn productions to remain in effect indefinitely.

The infection was the latest blow to the multibillion dollar industry, which underwent a week-long moratorium last month after a female starlet, who goes by the name Cameron Bay, tested positive for the virus.

That moratorium was lifted on Aug. 27, after the FSC said Bay's partners had been tested and cleared.

On Tuesday, a second actor, Rod Daily, announced on Twitter that he was HIV positive.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported that Bay, 28, and Daily, 32, whose real name is Joshua Rodgers, have been dating for about a year.

The FSC said at the time that, though Daily's announcement appeared authentic, they did not call for a moratorium because Daily was tested by his own doctor, rather than one affiliated with its official screening system.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, an advocacy group that has pushed for the mandatory use of condoms in Los Angles porn shoots, said the latest test showed industry wasn't doing enough to protects its performers.

"I'm sad for the person involved," the foundation's president, Michael Weinstein, told Reuters. "But I'm really sad for our community, that we're treating these people as utterly disposable."

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