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Star Trek Into Darkness Screenwriter Engages With Fans and is, Shockingly, an Ass

On September 1, popular Star Trek fansite published an editorial titled “Star Trek is broken—Here are ideas on how to fix it.” The article focuses on this year’s Star Trek Into Darkness, which was a moderate box office success but failed to impress most old-school fans. In fact, while the 2009 reboot is still very popular, Into Darkness was recently voted the fandom’s least favorite movie at a Star Trek convention, with Wrath of Khan topping the poll.

Screenwriter Bob Orci first responded with this comment: “I think the article above is akin to a child acting out against his parents. Makes it tough for some to listen, but since I am a loving parent, I read these comments without anger or resentment, no matter how misguided.

Having said that, two biggest Star Treks in a row with best reviews is hardly a description of “broken.” And frankly, your tone and attidude make it hard for me to listen to what might otherwise be decent notions to pursue in the future. As I love to say, there is a reason why I get to write the movies, and you don’t.”
(Well, at least he's not condescending as all hell, right?)

When his 'children' were insufficiently humbled, things took a turn for the worse.

In response to someone who (politely) compared Into Darkness with Raiders of the Lost Arc, Orci wrote: STID has infinetly more social commentary than Raiders in every Universe, and I say that with Harrison Ford being a friend. You lose credibility big time when you don’t honestly engage with the FUCKING WRITER OF THE MOVIE ASKING YOU AN HONEST QUESTION. You prove the cliche of shitty fans. And rude in the process. So, as Simon Pegg would say: FUCK OFF!” (Social commentary, looooool.)

After going through more comments and calling out more fans who dared criticize the movie, Bob seemed to take a step back for some self-reflection. "don’ take me too seriously. if you’ve been on this board for the lar 5 years (as I have beeb) you know that twice a year I explode at the morons. today, there seemed to be a congregation, so it seemed like a good time.

you are the most listened to fans ever. That doesn’t mean you will get is to do what you want. just means what I said: I listened. Then we decided, having heard as many opinions as possible. To paraphrase of one of my great and beloved heroes, George W. Bush, “we’re the deciders….
(Aaaaaand there it is. Also, reading criticism after the movie is out doesn't mean you listened to fans and decided from there. Instead you kept the details of your movie a secret to avoid hearing fan criticism before it came out. Ass.)

Source (original trekmovie article and comment section)

Well, on one side we have overly-entitled fans, like the 50 Shades petition to get actors fired from the movie and have unwilling actors forced in instead. On the other side we have media creators who insist that their fans are 'children' who, if overly critical, turn into 'morons'. Which side are you on? Are fans entitled to being heard? Is criticism shitty and ungrateful? Or are you Team Please Restore The Fourth Wall and Everyone Just Shut Up? I will say that media creators lose in my book the minute they lash out publicly at negative feedback, especially feedback by fans.

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