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Tila Tequila DRAGS Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano is an Official Syrian War Whore
I am really sad to have to make this announcement about Alyssa Milano being a War Whore, but I call it out the way it is, and this is what she is: A War Whore all while helping to spread further propaganda to the sheeple masses by selling “Sex.” Here are a few reasons why I am highly disappointed about this because:

1. I am tired of seeing some of these “Celebrities” use their name not to spread enlightenment to the masses, but only to further degrade, dumb down all while selling us lies. Alyssa, why did you have to be such a fucking War Whore? At least being a whore is fine as I do not judge since people call me a whore all of the time, but a War Whore? Come on girl… get with the program. People of today are all waking up now. These lame attempts to win over the masses of sheeple will just blow up in your face now. This is not 1984.
2. I am even more disappointed that it was a sex tape spoof made by Funny or Die because I actually worked with them on an episode of “Between Two Ferns” featuring Jennifer Anniston, Myself & host Zach Galifianakis (who happens to be one of my favorite comedians & our episode made it into the hall of fame) So I am very much disheartened that this disgraceful video of Alyssa Milano the War Whore came from the same production. Whyyyy Funny or Die? WHY???? :(
3. Does Alyssa Milano even KNOW what the fuck is going on in Syria or was she just excited to take on a role where they tell her she gets to play a “SEX VIXEN” and everyone will love it? Yeah I would assume that would most likely be the case. Not many of the puppets are very “bright” you know? Yes, if you’re here reading this then of course you know. Who am I kidding?
4. If you’re gonna leak a sex tape joke or do anything sexual that is fine. I am no one to judge on these matters, but using it as a political propaganda tool? Shame on you! At least whores are just being whores, but a War Whore is stooping below levels of getting tripple chlamydia up your asshole. Whatever the fuck that means. Sure the same thing could be said about the old me years, and years ago, but I have since cleaned up my Hollywood Whoring ways because I “WOKE THE FUCK UP!” – At least I’m honest enough to admit it. Plus when I am riled up about a topic there is just no stopping me. You should all know this about me by now.

Alas here is the oh so pathetic attempts at Alyssa Milano the War Whore’s pro-Obama administration, propagating war tool for all the sheeple out there who really don’t know shit about Syria, Obama, or what this video is even about except for a sack of tits that are past their expiration date. Ouch. Too harsh? Nah, but this video, most definitely! What are your thoughts on this?

Tags: celebrity social media, politics

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