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‘Stay out’: Madonna slams US plans for Syria strike

American pop star Madonna has spoken against US President Barack Obama’s plan for a military intervention in Syria. Celebs and designers are striking a pose on the Arab country crisis – ranging from strike support or disapproval to dire provocations.
“US stay out of Syria!” reads a photo of a hand-written message posted on the famous singer’s Instagram page.

In less than 19 hours, Madonna’s appeal garnered about 30,000 ‘likes’ from users of the popular photo-sharing service and sparked a discussion on the page.
Some people did not quite welcome the pop singer’s call, saying that the US should intervene in Syria to stop the Bashar Assad government after an alleged August chemical weapons attack near Damascus. While politicians keep clashing over whether the proof points to the regime or the rebels using toxic chemicals against civilians, some web surfers have already made their verdicts.
“There is good evidence chemical weapons were used, killing hundreds, and the world just let it happen. Someone needs to step in. Otherwise, other nations may use chemical weapons on its citizens knowing they'll get away with it. Now I'm not in favor of war, but I'm in favor of the US going to Syria to stop the regime,” wrote a person named andreaswolke.
“When the Republicans took us to Iraq it was ok but when a Democrat does anything war related it’s not ok? The safety of the planet is on the line,” agreed user amendoros.
Meanwhile, freedomlover88 wants to know why people are not asking any questions as to whether “bombing Syria” will make things any better, how many more victims it could lead to, or which of the sides in Syria is telling the truth about not being behind the chemical weapons use.
Still, some people would prefer celebrities to keep away from politics. “Can someone remind Madonna that her job is just to entertain us please?” commented javitheflyingmonkey.


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