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'Criminal Minds' Season 9 Spoilers: JJ Flashbacks & Garcia's origins

The wait is nearly over for fans of CBS' hit drama series, Criminal Minds, as it will be returning for its highly anticipating ninth season at the end of the month.

The eighth installment saw the team finally prevailing against The Replicator, and Gather reported that Hotch will be taking the reigns from Strauss at the start. However, Esai Morales will be coming on board in the third episode as Matt Cruz, a new unit chief that shares a past with JJ, going back to her time away from the FBI in season 6.

The new season is also set to feature an origin story revolving around one of its characters, turning back the clock to the earlier days of the BAU. However, this time around, it will show when Garcia met Hotch during "a present day case where she's up against her old hacker world."

To top off the buzz on Penelope, Messer also stated that "we'll finally meet the guy who owned her heart long before we met her."

Executive producer Erica Messer dished to the site that JJ's first meeting with Hotch in 2004 will be honed in on. To top it off, the audience will also get to see the man that she was involved with during that time in her life.

The EP also elaborated on newbie character Matt Cruz (Esai Morales), who has a peculiar relationship with JJ that will delved into in the program's 200th episode.

"People will wonder, 'Did they have an affair? What's going on?' And all of that will pay off in our 200th episode, when we deal with the time JJ was away [during season 6]." he explained.

CBS' Criminal Minds will be launching its ninth season on Wednesday, September 25. Be sure to keep checking back for more of the latest details on the popular TV series.

Source: ENstarz
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