Ali Lohan Made Her Fashion Show Debut….

Once again, in the words of Kanye Kardashian: “DAAAAAAAMN! THIS IS SOME BENJAMIN BUTTON’S SHIT!

No, this isn’t a promo picture for American Horror Story: Coven. It’s 19-year-old Ali Lohan holding a glass of what I’m sure is chilled chamomile tea while celebrating with her sister Lindsay Lohan after making her fashion show debut in the “Saints of the Zodiac” show in NYC yesterday. I don’t know what the theme of the show was, but judging by the looks, it was “The Goddess Bunny as a zombie princess of Themyscira.

On one positive note, LiLo finally gave her freckled titty balls the support they need and deserve.

And White Oprah wasn’t there, because as you can tell from these pictures, it’s still light outside. Bitch was still sleeping!