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Teen Mom's Catelynn & Tyler Reunite With Carly. Tyler Shares His Darkest Secrets On Twitter.

Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowry and Tyler Baltierra, are hot off the heels of a yearly visit with their daughter Carly, who they placed for adoption during MTV's 16 and Pregnant. This dynamic duo have an "open adoption" with Carly's parents, Brandon and Teresa Davis, which means they get letters, emails, phone calls, and even the occasional visit with their little lady.

You can imagine how excited Cate and Ty get about these face-to-face hang sessions, and it looks like their most recent trip to see Carly was the best yet.

"WOW! I haven't felt this happy in SO long!"
Tyler tweeted on September 1. "Playing tag, racing & swinging with Carly is the highlight of my my life right now! #4yearvisit."

Meanwhile, Catelynn expressed her excitement about seeing Carly, tweeting "Well today's the day!! Going to see my little lady!! Carly we love u so much so excited to see you!!!"

Brandon and Teresa are protective of Carly's privacy (which makes complete sense considering that Cate and Tyler are reality television stars), and won't agree to them posting pics of this visit online unless Carly's face is shielded. Cate and Ty took Carly the the zoo, and they couldn't be happier with their decision to place her with Brandon and Teresa.

"It's always surreal seeing her live the life me & @CatelynnLowell chose for her," Tyler reflected. "If anyone deserves that life it's that Angel."

Many of Tyler's hardships have been chronicled on television (like his rocky relationship with his infamous father, Butch Baltierra), but there are parts of his life that he hasn't had the opportunity to share with fans — until now.

Tyler recently took it to Twitter to pen a thoughtful letter to his followers, in which he shared several traumatic childhood experiences — including the fact that he was abused.

Sharing this is NOT easy but I thought, who better to share it with than my amazing group of supporters! I love ALL you guys! I haven't told really anyone about this besides the ones closest to me...& now you ✌&❤ #dontjudge #loveyourenemies #staystrong #yourNEVERalone

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