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E! News apologizes to outraged fans for lying about new 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' footage


When E! News teased that they would have "brand new #CatchingFire footage" on their broadcast Tuesday night, fans did not expect a rehash of the "thank you" video Lionsgate posted over the weekend after reaching 10 million "likes" on the official Hunger Games Facebook page.

But that's exactly what they got, along with a few snippets from the previously-released Catching Fire trailer.

New Catching Fire footage? Not so much. The outrage from fans was instantaneous and so fierce that a few hours later, E! News issued this meager apology:

"#HungerGames fans, we sincerely apologize for the miscommunication regarding #CatchingFire. We hope you still enjoyed Finnick's message!"

Their half-hearted attempted to make peace with a horde of angry Hunger Games fans was met with little regard by the fandom in general -- though some have noted that it is a credit to just how powerful that fandom is to elicit an apology at all.

That said, E! News should be chastised severely for such blatant false advertising. Their apology claims it was a "miscommunication," but most would argue it was a flat-out lie. Their original message on Twitter (now deleted) read, "Tonight on E! News: We have brand new #CatchingFire footage! Tune in at 7 & 11:30 for your sneak peek!"

And while the video clip of Sam Claflin thanking fans is fairly new, it is absolutely not footage from Catching Fire -- and was officially released over the weekend, and is certainly not anything earth-shattering.

What are your thoughts on the E! News debacle? Sound off in the comments below!

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