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The Many Things Everyone (or Just Fashion People) Will Talk About at New York Fashion Week

A rude awakening at the end of this long, slow summer: New York Fashion Week begins on Thursday! As you read this, street-style bloggers around the world are cramming their 30th pair of shoes into a suitcase and quibbling over the merits of green pom-poms versus orange ones. Prepare yourselves for the onslaught of runway photos, #fashionfail tweets, and blister complaints.

But past all the Internet noise, what will those in the front row really be discussing, in hushed tones, between cheek kisses and bored stares? We’ve rounded up the top talking points of the season for your convenience, to be mentioned offhandedly while ignoring photographers and fanning one’s face with show notes.

Will Bethann Hardison’s campaign for black models have an effect on runway castings?

It should. With numerous outlets making a stink over the dearth of runway diversity, it’s about time that designers, agencies, and casting agents pool their resources and push the percentage of non-white models past the teens, where they’ve plateaued for about five years. The last time Hardison mounted an aggressive campaign for runway diversity was in 2008, and her efforts helped bring about Italian Vogue’s first-ever “Black Issue,” which was far from a solution but at least a step in the right direction. Although Hardison's tactics have remained under wraps this time around, her influence will undoubtedly be felt.

Whom is Anna Wintour grooming for future Condé leadership?

Anna may have finally given up her crusade for Fashion’s Night Out (R.I.P., can’t win ’em all), but that’s small potatoes compared to what’s on her plate now that she’s been promoted to Condé Nast’s artistic director. Since taking the position last March, she’s made her mark with bold strokes, most notably hiring Eva Chen to revive Lucky. What’s next on her agenda? Will she be wooing potential Traveler staffers? Her seatmates and schedule will be subjected to more scrutiny than ever.

Is nail art over, or can the beauty industry keep it alive?

As trends go, nail art has already overstayed its welcome for ages. (It’s been a whole YEAR since people declared it a “thing.”) But it might hold on for a little bit longer, and here’s why: (1) Nail trends tend to have slower cycles, because they’re cheaper and more wide-reaching; a girl in some tiny Midwestern town is more likely to experiment with polish than she is with shoes, for example. (2) Nail art is just so good for the beauty industry. Possibilities (and products) abound! So, here’s hoping nail art hangs in there.

What will Kanye’s “return to fashion” look like?

After several seasons of showing up at every runway he was invited to (plus some he wasn’t), Kanye took a break from the scene last spring, nixing his own show in favor of vacationing in Rio with pregnant Kim Kardashian. But he’s shown signs of renewed interest this summer, collaborating with A.P.C. and hinting at progress on his “next collection” in Milan. He’s poised for some kind of comeback, but he’ll surely do things differently this time around. (And perhaps involve Kim and baby North, while he’s at it.)

Can Google Glass actually be fashionable?

The powers that be at Google have the fashion industry in their pockets, and we’ve had Google Glass stuffed down our throats by Diane Von Furstenberg, Vogue, and the Times "Style" section. Several editors, including Eva Chen and Nina Garcia, have tweeted about their Google Glass fittings, so we can expect to see them on stylish (and much-photographed) faces at the shows. But can these doodads really become “cool”?

More fashion points of interest to stir up drama at NYFW at the ( SOURCE )

YAWN. Can I just skip to Paris Fashion Week so I can see what Sarah Burton has come up with for Alexander McQueen this Spring/Summer 2014?

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