Lady Gaga lies to UK publication about selling out concerts

Lady Gaga has continued her pathological victimization in Tuesday's Guardian publication. The interview is mostly about how people think she is finished and how she is being misjudged. However, the most interesting part of the interview is where Mother Monster blatantly lies about selling out all her concerts.

"I know people said I wasn't selling out in America but that was entirely untrue, we sold out all over the world and every night I looked out into the fans and those front rows that you're talking about, the tears, the honesty, the inability to not be completely overjoyed because they felt accepted. That's sometimes more powerful than making a pop song and it just was at that time," said the fading pop superstar.

But facts are facts. Pollstar reported that Gaga played 18 shows with 179,646 tickets sold. That makes average 9,980 people per show. This isn't bad, but creates a huge problem when the venues Gaga played at seated 15,000 or more per night. In Los Angeles, they were giving away tickets on the streets before the show. Had she not cancelled in Chicago, she would have played to several thousand empty seats. Several sections of her North American venues were described as looking like war zones while her tour in South America was a complete disaster.

As many people have previously pointed out, Lady Gaga never had hip surgery. She went to rehab (it didn't work, unfortunately) and had major plastic surgery. There have been many recent pictures of Gaga lately without any surgery scars. Does Lady Gaga live in an alternate universe where she doesn't think her lies will be questioned? Let's hope someone helps her soon.


New outtakes from V Magazine were also released today