tiltheworldendz (tiltheworldend) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Can you teach Britney Spears how to crack a whip?


If yes, then maybe you should apply to train her for her upcoming music video for All Eyes On Me/Werk Bitch/Werk etc

A casting agency blasted out a request for a professional to teach her how to use a bullwhip.
"Looking for a girl or guy who knows how to handle and use a bull whip. Must be a professional at using a bullwhip. Do not submit if you think you know how to use it. Only submit if you truly know how to use it and are a pro at it. We will be taping your skills at using a bullwhip and will remember you if you are not that good and was submitted for this. Whoever is booked will teach Britney how to do the whip and we will use inserts of the booked talent using the whip."
Britney's coming to kick ass!
'Whip it, Hit it, Werk It Bitch!'

Source: http://www.breatheheavy.com/britney-needs-to-master-the-bullwhip/

Yass Brit is going to wow us with her amazing whipping skills once more!
Tags: britney spears

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