Emily (d00ditsemily) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

20 (err, 5) best back-to-school music videos

You know, not all pop stars are slack-jawed morons who, without a record deal, would have to earn a living by asking, "Do you want fries with that?" After all, it takes brains to remember all those lyrics, chords, and groupies' names! So let's celebrate that autumnal time of year known as "Back to School" with our picks for the top 20 scholastic-themed videos of all time. Put aside your boring calculus homework and watch now...

3) Britney Spears - "Baby One More Time"
It's hard to believe that back in more innocent times, Britney caused controversy by merely donning a short-short schoolgirl skirt and nibbling seductively on a pencil end in her Lolita-esque video debut. Considering what happened to her later, clearly this errant student needed to spend a little more time in detention.

10) The Police - "Don't Stand So Close to Me"
Oh, if only all male high school teachers were as studly as Sting circa 1983. Can you blame these impressionable young ladies for developing schoolgirl crushes on Mr. Sumner? Good thing he didn't teach any tantric lessons back then.

11) Fall Out Boy - "Dance Dance"
Like the entire John Hughes filmography compressed into three glorious minutes, Pete Wentz and company's adorable geeks-get-the-girls prom video instantly made them BEOCs (Big Emos On Campus). They've shot great music videos since, but this is still their finest work to date.

13) Missy Elliott - "Gossip Folks"
No one has made going back to school look as fun or funky as Missy. In this song, the newly slimmed-down hip-hop icon rapped about speculation surrounding her weight loss, including rumors like "I heard she eat one cracker a day." But she had the last laugh by looking like the flyest flygirl on campus in this clip.

17) My Chemical Romance - "I'm Not Okay"
Along with Animal House, another one of the best school movies of all time is Rushmore. MCR lovingly spoofed that '90s indie flick in their breakthrough video, and before long they graduated to the rock 'n' roll big leagues.

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