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Transformers 4: Dinobots confirmed

In an exclusive interview with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Beijing News is revealing some cool Transformers 4 news.

First of all, now we have the official confirmation of the existence of Dinobots on Transformers 4. The secret was leaked not too long ago and the officials may have thought to finally reveal it since the cats are out of the bag.

"I can not disclose the specifics, but you can be sure that the joining of the Dinobots will give the audience new excitement. In addition to Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, the appearance of these classic roles changed, today the world's coolest, most exciting cars will appear in the film, including China's vehicles, whether you are a car enthusiast, you will feast your eyes and be shocked by them."

With this news, we now also have a confirmation on the possibility of Chinese Concept Car E-jet being a Cybertronian in disguise as well.

And the producer also mentioned that there will be no Special TF4 Chinese Edition like Iron Man 3 was. (IM3 Chinese Edition Incident was a fiasco which production studios may not try to repeat).

Filming in China will be in Beijing and Hong Kong and two additional cities: "In China we have chosen Beijing and Hong Kong, as well as two more cities we are looking at."

source. here's the dinobots in all their g1 glory!
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