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Sweeran Haters Claim Ed Sheeran And Taylor Swift Haven't Hooked Up

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Ed Sheeran seems to be turning into quite the ladies man with rumours he's getting cosy with the gorgeous Ellie Goulding, plus the never-ending speculation that he's more than just friends with his touring partner Taylor Swift.

According to Ed's mates Rizzle Kicks though, nothing has ever happened between the A Team crooner and Miss Swift.

We asked the pair if Ed and Taylor have anything going on, in light of all those rumours, but the boys were quick to shoot down the rumours with: "they definitely don't".

Whilst Ed might not be romancing Taylor, Jordan and Harley have dispelled the singer's good boy image by telling us that Mr Sheeran is an outrageous drunk!

"One hundred percent, he's so funny. He's f**ing hilarious. He's loud, larey, rap battles with anything, anyone."

Harley added: "He sometimes loses the idea of what personal space is as well, he'll be right up in your face."

But they added that Ed stays back when it comes the the ladies, insisting that "he's not a flirty person in general." That approach seems to work to his advantage though:

"He's a nice guy. Sometimes women are apprehensive if men approach them without really saying anything but Ed is hardly threatening is he. He's just a nice ginger chappy who plays lovely love songs on an acoustic guitar. You're not gonna be like 'f**k off mate.'"

Leaving the club in West Hollywood Aug 29 with groupie:

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