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Did One Direction's Zayn Malik cheat on fiancé Perrie Edwards after “sexy Skype chat” with fan?


Directioners have been sent into a spin after a video emerged on the internet which a fan of the band claims features newly engaged singer Zayn Malik taking part in a “sexy Skype chat” along with a pal.

However, though the fan who took part in the Skype chat – who says her name is Lilli – reckons it is Zayn who’s featured, saying only, “Hey” and waving while out of the camera’s range, a friend of the Bradford born singer has denied that Zayn would, or did, cheat on his fiancé, Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards.

Of the debacle, The Sun’s TV Biz reports, “The clip, from 2012, pre-dates his relationship with Perrie.

“It was posted on an obscure blog and shows Zayn and best pal Anthony Riach skyping a girl at 3am in a hotel room.

“Anthony keeps telling her to find a friend, jump in a cab and come to stay with him and his mystery pal.”

"Zayn" at 6:15:

The paper has a copy of the video – which you can see by clicking here – and as you’ll see, the man on camera repeatedly refuses to identify who else is in the room with him. And of course, it may not have been Zayn at all since we never see the person!

However, on Twitter, 1D fans reckon the video was recorded while the band were in Canada on their Take Me Home tour, and Lilli has allegedly backed up that accusation and further claimed to the paper that she did in fact go to the hotel room to meet the men.

But Zayn’s friends insist that the Skype chat was recorded before he and Perrie got together.

One said, “Zayn would never cheat on Perrie now — he’s put an engagement ring on her finger to show her that.

“He’s said the only thing he uses Skype for these days is to talk to pals and her.”

The use of the word “now” in the sentence above is interesting though, because it my intimate that something’s happened previously.

Of course, it might not and may just have been to reiterate that now he’s engaged, Zayn would never consider being unfaithful, even if it had ever crossed his mind at all…

But as fans will recall, last year, Zayn and Perrie were dogged by allegations that he’d had a fling with Aussie waitress Courtney Webb, but Zayn strongly denied it.

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