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Miley Cyrus brings back her signature pose as she shows some skin in a Nineties crop top


Kelly Osbourne has urged her to stop sticking her ‘f***ing tongue out’, but Miley Cyrus is ignoring her pal’s advice.

The defiant star flashed her tongue after giving the world a very brief break from it as she emerged on Saturday.

With her mouth open, the 20-year-old also gave a peace sign as she stepped out in Toluca Lake.





The Hannah Montana star appears to be copying Gwen Stefani’s Nineties style.

She was sporting a tight white crop top which left little to the imagination with no bra underneath, and showed off her toned stomach.

Miley also sported low-slung red tracksuit bottoms with white stripes, which revealed the black waistband of her underwear underneath.

The We Can’t Stop hit-maker completed her look with white sandals and gold mirrored cat eye sunglasses.

She appeared to be wearing little make-up but overcompensated with lots of bling and wore her blonde, half-shaven hair in two buns.

Miley is no doubt trying to combat the scorching California weather and tweeted on Thursday: ‘99 d*** degrees in el lay?! the sun beatin down on my bald a** head. get me outtttta here.’

The former Disney star has been a hot topic of conversation this week after her extremely raunchy performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday.

Miley was seen twerking on Robin Thicke during a duet of his hit Blurred Lines, while dressed in nude latex underwear and repeatedly sticking out her tongue, which appears to have a life of its own.

Miley may have been hamming it up for the cameras on Saturday, but it had been a different story the day before.

The LOL actress was suddenly shy as she was seen leaving a studio while covering up her face with her Chanel handbag.

Miley is currently drumming up publicity for her new album Bangerz, and released promotional images for the record earlier this week.

The fiancée of Liam Hemsworth can be seen wearing PVC trousers while grabbing her crotch in one of the somewhat distasteful shots.

The new album is set for release in the U.S. on October 8 and includes Miley's hit single We Can't Stop and her new song Wrecking Ball.

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