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Rachel McAdams & Family Help Habitat For Humanity

Sandra (mom), Rachel, Kayleen (sister), and Lance (dad)

One of the more famous natives of St. Thomas returned home to help build a house for a family in need.

Actress Rachel McAdams was in St. Thomas on Thursday, helping Habitat For Humanity crews build a house at 8 Westlake Drive.

“We are so grateful to Rachel and her family for spending some time working with us today,” said Jeff Duncan, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Oxford Middlesex Elgin. “Raising awareness about the issue of affordable housing in our community and that Habitat offers a sustainable solution to help families is really important. As well fundraising to construct the homes is always a challenge, so having Rachel’s support as we start our first project in St. Thomas means a great deal to us, the volunteers and our partner family.”

McAdams and her family were on the build site Thursday afternoon, and met with the recipients of the house, the Doucet family.

“Habitat for Humanity is a tremendous organization and I’m honored to support their efforts in my community,” said McAdams. “There’s something so profoundly beautiful about building a home from the ground up. It’s about more than doors and windows and paint. It’s about family, future, and building the foundation for lasting memories.”

This is the first build in St. Thomas and second in Elgin County for Habitat for Humanity. Habitat plans to begin construction on five homes in the region this year.


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