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Capaldi's Doctor Who casting marks the end of the Thick of It?

Joanna Scanlan praises her ex co-star, but reckons his casting as the Time Lord spells the end for The Thick of It

The Thick Of It star Joanna Scanlan has sung the praises of Doctor Who casting directors for selecting her ex co-star Peter Capaldi as the new Time Lord.

The actress said, "I'm delighted for him. It seems to me he's the essence of [the] Doctor.

"I think Peter is sort of like the Chippendale of Doctor Whos, he's the true thing. A true fine article."

However, she did also say she reckons that his casting will effectively scupper the chances of a fifth series of the BBC political drama being made.

She said, "There was never much chance because I think Armando [Iannucci - the writer] very much felt he'd completed one section of British politics if you like, and there was a new stage in politics and he's opened up into American politics, so I think there was very little chance in that respect.

"But now Peter is the Doctor I would have thought that makes it very difficult to come back. You can't do The Thick Of It without Peter Capaldi."

Doctor Who returns to screens for its 50th anniversary special on November 23 before current Doctor Matt Smith takes his final turn in the Tardis at Christmas.

Even if it means no more sweary Malcolm Tucker we're betting Joanna is relieved the rumours about Robbie Williams taking the role came to nothing.

i'm sure we all knew anyway the fourth series would be the last but still :(
I wish there'll be a few specials at least
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