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Fiona Apple Tells Louis Vuitton Party to ‘Shut the Fuck Up’, Storms Off Stage

We love fashion parties as much as the next editor, but one thing we hate is when there’s a live music act and everyone in their bubbly-induced haze forgets to mind their manners. So we can only imagine how Fiona Apple, who quite frankly does not give a fuck, felt at last night’s Louis Vuitton “Timeless Muses” party in Tokyo when the audience refused to stop chatting during her performance.

According to WWD, partway through her set, Apple climbed on top of her grand piano and asked the crowd to be quiet. When that didn’t work, she summoned the fashion hordes to be silent while striking a small metal bell. Following another unsuccessful attempt, she flared up and told the audience to “shut the fuck up” while muttering other profanities, both under her breath and out loud.

Before storming off the stage, she called everyone “rude” and then shouted, “Predictable! Predictable fashion, what the fuck?” as she stormed off the stage.

While it seems that the singer knew exactly what she was signing up for, and the whole thing was doomed from the start, we’re totally Team Apple on this one.


Tags: fashion, fiona apple

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