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James Van Der Beek and Wife Expecting Third Child

James Van Der Beek is expanding his family — wife Kimberly is pregnant with their third child!

She took to her lifestyle blog Old School New Rules on Friday to announce the new addition, due this winter.

“I feel ridiculously blessed. I feel so much love, honestly,” James, who will star on the upcoming Friends With Better Lives this fall, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The mom-to-be’s intuition mixed with an onset of moodiness prompted Kimberly to take a pregnancy test, which proved to be inconclusive.

However, the night before the Van Der Beeks embarked on a month-long trip to visit family and friends, she tried once more — and the results were unmistakable.

“I thought, before I go traveling, maybe I should know how many glasses of wine are appropriate or not,” she explains, adding the couple also planned to attend a wedding, where “celebratory champagne” was sure to be served.

Initially, the two decided to keep it all a secret throughout their trip, explaining the news “was still fresh” to immediately share. Their plan, however, didn’t exactly turn out as expected. “My mom knew,” James, 36, shares.

“She just had a feeling. She even wrote down what she thought would be a due date,” adds Kimberly. “Some people knew — my friends call me every pregnancy and say they had a dream that I was pregnant.”

The new addition will take James and Kimberly’s parenting technique from “man to man” to “zone defense,” says the future father-of-three, and while they’re not sure what to expect, they’re up for the challenge.

“I was told two was three times as hard as one, and that three is actually not as big of a leap,” he says, adding jokingly, “If anybody knows otherwise, I’m going to ask them not to tell me.”

“How do you prepare for three kids? We only have two arms each, so I don’t know how it will go,” says Kimberly. “I just think we are going with the flow of it.”

The couple have adopted a similarly laid back approach to growing their family, neither preventing nor planning their pregnancies.

“We are letting Mother Nature decide,” Kimberly explains. “I know when I start to get exhausted and moody, then maybe I’m pregnant.”

“There are ways to prevent these things from happening — we don’t do any of those things,” jokes James.

Already parents to daughter Olivia, 3 next month, and son Joshua, 17 months, James and Kimberly have decided to keep the baby’s sex a surprise.

“I never really had a preference with either one of the first two,” says the former Dawson’s Creek star. “We already have all the stuff for girls and boys, so there is no logistical reason for me to know, so we thought it would be fun to do it old school.”

It seems as if big sister Olivia isn’t set on anything specific either.

“We ask her if she wants a brother or sister and her answer changes depending on her mood,” Kimberly shares. “I’m really starting to show now, so she gets it.”

Kimberly, whose blog promotes health by way of being happy, conscious of what you eat and having people you love around you, is looking forward to creating that environment for her children.

As for how she will manage with three kids?

“By keeping it simple,” she explains. “There are ways to feed a family and do it quickly, but you need to create the space in your day. Whether it’s turning off the TV for 30 minutes, doing an activity with your kids or [having] them help you prepare food then eat it together to create a sense of community as well as nourishment.”

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