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Embarrassing: Warner Bros. caught trying to self-promote "Getaway" on Reddit

Earlier today, it came to light that employees of Warner Bros. had been posting anonymous posts and comments on Reddit in order to promo their upcoming film, Getaway, which stars Selena Gomez.

This is what the Reddit moderators had to say:
We take spamming, cheating, vote-rigging, and any other manipulation of reddit very seriously. We have always promised you that if we catch companies trying to game reddit we will call them out and let you know. The most common type of spamming/gaming/vote manipulation on reddit is by publishers who are attempting to increase traffic to their domain. We are able to ban domains and make the reason public in the ban message. In the case of a movie studio or other company attempting to game reddit, we don't have a similar automatic way of alerting users, so I am coming here today to let you know about a transparency issue with a studio that we have already taken care of.

A couple days ago your wonderful and vigilant /r/movies mods alerted us to some suspicious postings and comments related to the movie Getaway. We investigate all reports like this and after looking at these posts we were able to determine that this activity did indeed come from Warner Brothers employees, the studio for the film. The posts and comments were essentially ineffective and were actually all heavily downvoted. All accounts involved have been banned and we have spoken with Warner Brothers and let them know this is unacceptable. This appears to be just a few employees and not some company wide or systematic thing. We checked other posts about this movie and there are plenty of posts that are 100% organic and have no signs of manipulation.

If you work at a studio or other content creator please make sure you are familiar with our rules and our guidelines on self-promotion . If you want to promote your awesome works on reddit, buy an ad, don't try to interfere with organic activity.

Thank you to the mods and users for remaining vigilant. As admins we have various tools and countermeasures but you all are by far the most effective tool we have against anyone trying to manipulate content on reddit. If you see anything suspicious please message us. It's important to prevent this type of activity, but it is also important that we not become overly cynical and assume everyone is a shill. 99.9999% of posts and comments and votes here are because people sincerely love movies or hate movies or hate the movies that other people love, etc.

And now for the comments clearly written by Warner Bros:

source 1
source 2
source 3
source 4
source 5
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