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NYU Film Student Chronicled His Coming Out Process For One Year

Coming out of the closet is a long, confusing, and often repetitive process that isn’t always as simple as you plan it to be. No one knows this better than Alden Peters, a film student at at New York University’s Tisch School. He captured a year of his life on film as he came out to friends and family, in what turned out to be his first full-length documentary "Coming Out".

It was the suicide of Tyler Clementi, in the fall of 2010, that pushed Alden to finally come out. The filmmaker told Mashable: "As I was going through [coming out], one of the things I was really looking at was YouTube videos of people coming out. I wanted to see more than that—more than just hearing somebody tell a story. I wanted to know what it was like."

Peters not only recorded his coming out to various loved ones, but he revisited them a year later for follow up interviews. The film touches upon how the internet and cyberbullying affect people as they come out, or are forced out, of the closet. Peters had friends read homophobic conversations taken from various social networks. He wanted to show the difference between what’s normally said in person, and what is said from the safety of the internet. Peters spoke with BuzzFeed about his extensive project.

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This one's for my fellow LGBT peeps here! Do you remember the first time you came out to your friends and family, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders of ONTD?

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