FanAddicts! Focuses On Nerd Hoarders

The REELZ Channel has already established itself as an up and comer with great series like XIII, Bomb Girls, and True Justice. Recently they began their dominance in reality TV as well with Beverly Hills Pawn and the reality game Race to the Scene featuring Dolph Lundgren. Now they are taking on the world of movie memorabilia collecting with the new series FanAddicts! featuring Adam West as the voice of the series.

Each episode will focus on fans who stop at nothing to obtain a new item. Despite their homes, storage lockers and garages overflowing, these fans persist in a never-ending quest for more rare collectibles from their favorite movies. The first two episodes will premiere back to back focusing on Harry Potter and Superman.

FanAddicts!: Harry Potter focuses on Steve who has spent 14 years filling his life and his parents’ basement with Harry Potter collectibles to escape a troubled adolescence. He now holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Harry Potter movie memorabilia. But can Steve say goodbye to some of his most prized possessions to raise the money he needs to move to Los Angeles and achieve his dream of becoming a graphic artist and novelist? Watch as he takes his collection to an appraiser who puts a price on the magical collection…but is he ready to sell?

FanAddicts!: Superman focuses on Chris who can’t stop collecting the Superman props, toys, costumes and memorabilia that crowd his life. Someone once told Chris he looked like Christopher Reeve and he has dressed as Superman to earn tips from tourists on Hollywood Boulevard ever since. Viewers will join Chris as he visits a premiere movie memorabilia store in Hollywood to find out what some of his rarest Superman collectibles are worth.

Step into a world of collecting when FanAddicts! premieres with back to back episodes on August 28th on REELZ.

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