10 Weirdest Celebrity Auction Items

If you think the days of worshipping gods and carrying sacred talismans is over you need only look to eBay to see it is alive and well. Except our gods are a little more earthbound, and probably twice as stinky. Celebrity auctions are for those who want to be near something famous so badly they will literally give all they have for the privilege. Here are some of the more bizarre lots in recent memory.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Sports Bra, $3,175

Several items from the film Silver Linings Playbook were put up for auction recently, including the sweaty sport’s bra Jennifer Lawrence wore in the film. No word yet on how much the Raisin Bran she ate in the film went for but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

Britney Spears’ Chewed Bubblegum, $14,000

Back in the bubblegum pop star’s heyday, Britney Spear’s actual discarded bubblegum won big in several different auctions. Today her gum is only used to make sure she has something to concentrate on so she doesn’t try to escape her custodians.

Niall Horan’s Half Eaten Vegemite Toast, (Almost Sold) $100,000

One of the One Direction kids that aren’t Harry Styles apparently tossed up some vegemite laden toast on an Australian talk show. An enterprising individual took said toast and put it up for sale. Like you do. The bids hit $100,000 before being taken down. I’m going to guess it tested positive for cooties. Type 1.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Breath, $523

How do you even verify this sort of item? Somebody feed beans to Taylor Swift, I’m going to get a mason jar. Somebody in Japan is already on the line for a million dollar opening bid.

Justin Timberlake’s Half-Eaten French Toast, $3,154

What’s with the partially eaten toasts? Kanye isn’t leaving behind any paninis? Anyways, Timberlake’s breakfast went up for bid and someone bought it, probably for cloning hit makers. It’s a good investment. As is hair relaxer.

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