Then and Now: The Cast of 'Good Burger'

When Nickelodeon first launched in 1977, it seemed like little more than a child's answer toSaturday Night Live and MTV. In fact, it wasn't until Nickelodeon debuted the Canadian sketch series You Can't Do That on Television in the U.S. that this nascent network began to gain real traction amongst fans of all ages. Before too long, the basic cable channel became quite popular, especially with the launch of it's Nick At Nite line-up featuring such "classic" shows asALF, The Facts of Life, Growing Pains and many others throughout the years. Viewership certainly proceeded to explode, turning it into one of today's favorite hubs for nostalgia of all kinds.

Nickelodeon had officially arrived in the 1990s, taking its signature brand to the big screen with Nickelodeon Movies in 1995. It wasn't until 1997, though, that this film division made its most iconic and beloved movie of all time: Good Burger.

Based on a sketch of the same name from the comedy series All That, this lighthearted adventure was directed by television veteran and Head of the Class star Brian Robbins. It followed Ed (Kel Mitchell) and Dexter (Kenan Thompson), two lovable if not moronic teenagers forced to save their favorite fast food joint, and place of employment, Good Burger, which is being threatened by a new burger empire opening directly across the street.

Made for less than $9 million dollars, Good Burger grilled up nearly $24 million when it was released in the U.S. on July 25, 1997. Eventually it would hit cable and home video, and with Nickelodeon able to keep it playing through its television arm, this film would go on to attain a cult-like status amongst today's adults who remember the movie fondly.

Which brings us to today...

We at MovieWeb are nothing if not nostalgic ourselves. We love knowing what happened to the actors and actresses that make up the films we all love. So sit back and get ready to find out more about the exploits behind the cast of Good Burger as they were then and now!

After getting his start on the Nickelodeon show All That, Kel Johari Rice Mitchelleventually turned his work on the TV show Kenan and Kel (playing a version of himself with co-star Kenan Thompson) into the movie Good Burger. After Good Burger, Mitchellwas able to parlay that success into the character of Invisible Boy in Mystery Menstarring Ben Stiller. From there Mitchell had a role in The Adventures of The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle. He continued to work in television on such shows as The Parkersand One on One. Mitchell would later return to the big screen in John Sayles' critically acclaimed, Honeydripper. More recently he did the animated show Motorcity in which evil billionaire Abraham Kane (voiced by Mark Hamill) has essentially taken over Detroit (OP: Gone too soon). He also has a couple of independent projects lined up.

Shar Jackson came to the set of Good Burger with a very solid pedigree. A veteran of such TV shows as Roc and My So-Called Life, she was 21 when she was cast as the character of Monique in Good Burger. Like Linda Cardellini, after Good Burger, she would do a turn on the Clueless TV show, before playing Felicia in the acclaimed filmLove & Basketball. Shar Jackson would then go on to work on the popular series Moeshaand Everybody Hates Chris. More recently, she was seen in the film One Blood withAnthony "Treach" Criss.

Before tackling the role of Mr. Wheat in Good Burger, Sinbad (aka David Adkins) had already held down a storied career in Hollywood, appearing on The Redd Foxx Show,The Cosby Show, and A Different World, just to name a few. One of his first big screen roles came as Otto in the Coneheads, created by and starring Dan Aykroyd. Eventually,Sinbad got his own short-lived sitcom called simply, The Sinbad Show. He would then go on to appear in Houseguest with the late Phil Hartman and Jingle All the Way withArnold Schwarzenegger, before landing on the set of Good Burger. After this cinematic experience found the comedian new and younger fans, Sinbad would team up again with Bill Cosby for his show Cosby. He most recently voiced the character Roper in the animated aerial flick, Disney's Planes.

As a young actor, Kenan Thompson began his career as an entertainment reporter onReal News For Kids. Shortly after that, he came to Nickelodeon where he did the showAll That as well as Kenan and Kel. Thompson made his big screen debut in D2: The Mighty Ducks before going on to do Good Burger. After that, he was able to parlay his talents into the lead role of Fat Albert, taking on the iconic Saturday morning cartoon character made famous by Bill Cosby. He then went on to appear in yet another cult sensation, Snakes on a Plane. He would continue to dip in and out of the television realm with roles on Crank Yankers and Psych. Eventually, he become a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live, with DeAndre Cole becoming one of his most revered creations. He continues to appear on SNL, where he has held down an impressive 11 year run, and is now the senior cast member. More recently, Thompson voiced the character of Greedy Smurf in both of The Smurfs Movies.