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Kanye West the Entertainer vs. Kanye the Dad: Busta Rhymes Explains the Difference!

Kanye West is known for having the occasional—well, Kanye moment.

But, as Busta Rhymes told E! News exclusively Sunday, Aug. 25, at the 2013 MTV VMAs in Brooklyn, presented by Pepsi, 'Ye's mic-snatching, gotta-have-the-last-word persona doesn't interfere with his role as a dad and family man whatsoever.

"We know Kanye West the entertainer. The Kanye that people don't know is the regular human being," Busta said on the red carpet. "And that's what we have to understand. There's a separation between the two."

"When that superstar switches on, it's a little different from what we do when the regular human being switches on," he continued. "When you're at home, you're your mother's child, you're your woman's man, you're your children's father. You're not the superstar of the house."

Busta, who just shot in New York with 'Ye and Q-Tip for his "I Wanna Thank You" music video, said he's "really happy" for Kanye and Kim Kardashian. He hasn't seen little North West just yet, but he said, "Everybody's jumping around, going crazy," over the precious 2-month-old girl.

"Kanye," Busta said, "is going to be a great dad."

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