Jane Lynch's Estranged Wife Requests Spousal Support & Attorney Fees

When Jane Lynch filed for divorce last month she said she and Dr. Lara Embry were just “two people who just decided it’s better to go apart than stay together” and implied their split would be the most amicable ever.

That changed on Friday when Embry filed her response to Lynch’s petition and asked the court to award her spousal support and to require the Glee star pay her attorney fees. According to her own petition, Lynch didn’t want to do either.

Their lawyers will now start battling over the big bucks Lynch has been making on Glee [80,000 per episode], her recent Broadway stint in Annie, her hosting gig on NBC’s Hollywood Game Night and several endorsement deals.

The actress and the psychologist wed in Massachusetts in 2010 during a time when same sex unions weren’t legal in California; they filed for domestic partnership status in the Golden State at the same time.

With same sex marriages again legal in CA, Lynch filed for divorce in her home state.

Now millions of legal and show business eyes will now be on the case as it becomes the highest profile same sex split in the country.

Dr. Lara Embry’s past: Jane and Lara met at the 2009 gala for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and by both accounts it was love at first sight. Embry was there to accept a Justice Award. A decade earlier [Embry] had been in a committed relationship with a woman, living in Washington State. They both became mothers, and each legally adopted her biological partner’s child. However, after a move to Sarasota, Florida, the couple separated. Embry’s partner became a born-again Christian and moved in with a man. From the sanctuary of Florida, then the only state with a blanket ban on gay adoptions, she fought successfully to bar Embry from visitation rights to her adopted daughter, now eleven. (The Florida Court of Appeals finally upheld Embry’s rights).