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Unlike C. Baker and Eccleston, Paul McGann and David Tennant Will Be Present at Their BFI Tributes


To whoops of excitement at the tribute to ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston, the British Film Institute ended weeks of speculation by announcing that David Tennant and Paul McGann will appear in person at their celebratory events in a few weeks’ time.

Justin Johnson, who has masterminded the monthly Doctor Who at 50 season, told “We’ve been so lucky because by the end of the year we’ll have had approaching 100 guests who have all worked on the show and have given up their time so generously.

“But there’s always something especially exciting when you know that the Doctor himself is coming along and we are so thrilled that David Tennant and Paul McGann will be joining us on the BFI stage to help us celebrate and to talk about their time on the show.”

Eccleston may have proved elusive (surprising no one) and in June there was also a no-show from sixth Doctor Colin Baker, but previous Time Lords Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy have all entertained their fans at the South Bank venue this year.

David Tennant, the hugely popular tenth Doctor and a devout Who fan himself, is booked to attend on Sunday 29 September, when the BFI will screen The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End, the stunning two-part season finale from 2008.

Six days later, on Saturday 5 October, eighth Doctor Paul McGann will appear in person for the screening of Doctor Who (The Movie) from 1996, to discuss this and his subsequent involvement with the series.


What do you think, ONTD? A sign we might get McGann for the 50th?
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