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Lana Del Rey Goes Retro In Beverly Hills, Barrie Tweets Intimate Pic + Y&B Salon Version With Lyrics

22 aug 2013 beverly hills lw1

Lana Del Rey stepped out on Thursday sporting the full-fledged retro look while strolling in Beverly Hills, California.
The 27-year-old Summertime Sadness star looked as if she could have been transported straight from the 1970s. Lana was wearing a short denim skirt and a pair of flat blue canvas sneakers that showed off her long legs.

She teamed it with a short-sleeved red floral print blouse that was tied at the bottom to expose her bare mid-riff. The singer wore her long brown hair parted down the middle and it flowed in layers nearly to her waist. Lana topped off the look with a large pair of round rose-coloured glasses.

The New Yorker lit up a cigarette and was smoking as she strolled about on a warm summer day. Lana was recently seen house-hunting in Los Angeles with her musician boyfriend Barrie-James O'Neill. The singer caught up with her boyfriend after her stroll and she drove them off in a convertible with the top down.

She's previously admitted she used to drink too much in the past, but claims she hasn't touched a drop of alcohol in years. She crafted her Born To Die album released in 2011 in recognition of her former wild child days. Lana was widely criticised by fans and critics alike last year for her 'wooden performance' on Saturday Night Live.

22 aug 2013 beverly hills lw2
22 aug 2013 beverly hills car2
22 aug 2013 beverly hills lw4
22 aug 2013 beverly hills lw5
22 aug 2013 beverly hills car
22 aug 2013 beverly hills car6
22 aug 2013 beverly hills lw8
22 aug 2013 beverly hills
22 aug 2013 beverly hills car fin

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Kassidy Frontman Barrie James O'Neill Tweets Pic of Himself and Girlfriend Lana Del Rey

cannes 11

[From Barrie's Twitter]23 aug 2013 barrie tweet


fans bad girl omg

Young & Beautiful (Salon Version With Lyrics)
young and beautiful gatsby fracture remix

Official or unofficial it may be, it’s probably the best version of the song everyone is dying for, that we’re going to get for a long time. Every since the film was released, everyone was drawn to this specific version of Lana Del Rey singing her hit ‘Young and Beautiful’ but in a jazz style. This version, posted today (unofficial/filtered) but is clear enough for us! Listen below:

Young & Beautiful (Jazz Version)

Listen at the source (autostart)

Here's a longer version (from the movie).

Young & Beautiful (Jazz Version 2)

Sources 1, 2

w fans let me sign thingsw fans let me sign careful with the girls
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