Europe's Brangelina is over: Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel are separating

According to Brazilian GLOBO and French magazine CLOSER, one of the most celebrated couple in Europe is splitting after a 14 year marriage. French actor Vincent Cassel, 47 (La Haine, Black Swan, Eastern Promises, A Dangerous Method) and Italian "last diva" Monica Bellucci, 49 (Malèna, The Matrix Reloaded, Shoot 'em up, She hate me, The Passion of the Christ) did recently move to Brazil, where they were supposed to start shooting a movie with good friend Kim Chapiron. According to Globo, Monica has left their home in Rio de Janeiro with their daughters Deva, 9, and Léonie, 3. They are married since 1999 and together since 1996, and starred in 9 films together. The news is still not confirmed.

Hope you'll excluse my english, I translated this from French :{
In the meantime, here are their last

BRB, crying over my fave real OTP.

Credits: JustJared for the pictures and Closer